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Pregene Biotechnology is a high-tech enterprise founded by returnee scholars. The core business of Pregene is the development, production and sales of a new generation of molecular diagnostic kits and supporting instruments.


Through ten years of continuous R&D and innovation, Pregene has now developed a number of world-class molecular biology technologies, including the world’s leading ultra-multiplex PCR technology (up to several hundred amplification), droplet generation technology, advanced nucleic acid extraction technology (high efficiency extraction without digestion), and single-cell sequencing technology, with complete and independent intellectual property rights. In particular, the combination of ultra-multiplex PCR technology and droplet digital PCR instruments can rapidly and cost-effectively realize clinical applications that originally required a complex platform to achieve, with great social and economic benefits.

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Oncology Screening

Ultra Multiplex dPCR NSCLC Screening Assay

Ultra Multiplex dPCR CRC Screening Assay

Pre-pregnancy Screening

Ultra Multiplex dPCR NIPT Assay

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